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Drayage is an often overlooked contributor to overall supply chain efficiency. A drayage carrier bridges the gaps between intermodal forms of transport, ie. the short-distance road portion of a shipment’s movement between customer facilities, distribution centers, inland rail hubs and marine terminals – perhaps not the spiciest conversation topic at parties, but absolutely critical to successful supply chain management.

There are several types of drayage (at least six, maybe more depending on who you ask), but each serves the broader purpose of linking rail, sea and road transport together while preserving the freight’s security and safe handling throughout its intermodal journey. Individual drayage types refer more specifically to the unique origins and destinations of the freight. Short-distance hauls from a loading dock to a warehouse or from a rail car to a trucking hub each fall under the drayage umbrella.

Managing drayage services naturally includes a host of logistical variables, which can be more easily navigated by a 3PL partner with more than a decade of experience in this unique mode. First Call’s trusted carrier network and continued investment in logistical tools and technology have our team primed to handle any of your drayage needs.

Benefits of Drayage Shipping with First Call:

  • Full supply chain visibility, both for peace of mind and to identify potential for further optimizing shipping speeds through intermodal transportation.
  • Established relationship with a team experienced in drayage and unique logistical challenges.
  • Access to our always-growing network of reliable intermodal carriers.

Drayage Frequently Asked Questions:


How does drayage work?

Moving freight across great distances frequently calls for multiple modes of transport. Short-distance transport from a port to rail car, warehouse or distribution center (or from any one of these to any other) keeps these products on the move – these small “links” in the supply chain taking freight from one major mode of transportation to another are referred to as drayage.


What does drayage include?

The term is often shorthand for shipping freight a short distance (1-2 hours max) via standard ground transport.


Why should I care about drayage?

Drayage represents a pivotal piece of the supply chain for any industry in the business of delivering goods to customers. One study estimates the United States clears more than 60 million drayage movements per year with a total worth exceeding $50 billion. The global drayage market is also expected to grow by another $3 billion by 2025.

Simplify Your Next Shipment with First Call Logistics

Building and managing cost-efficient supply chains is a full-time job. First Call’s rare combination of in-house assets, expert problem-solving and track record of stellar customer service makes us the 3PL of choice for business partners with a wide range of shipping needs.

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