Manufacturing Logistics Services

Build a Resilient Manufacturing Supply Chain



Safeguard your organization’s logistical operations with reliable flatbed, LTL and cross-border shipping services, plus access to four strategically located warehouse spaces perfect for your just-in-time delivery needs.

Food & Beverage

Our team has reliably shipped food and beverage freight for as long as we’ve been in business.

Plastic, Packaging & Containers

From the smallest acrylic envelopes to the largest crates, we’ll get your plastics and packaging where it needs to go.

Pulp & Paper

We’re no strangers to finished paper or pulp product deliveries.

Building Materials

Keep construction projects running smoothly (and contractors happy) with on-time material deliveries.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Large, unwieldy machinery can pose a logistical headache. First Call has the trucks, equipment and personnel for any job.

Chemicals & Related Products

We’ll handle all of your chemical shipments, be they hazardous or harmless.

Automotive Parts

Confidently deliver car, truck and motorcycle parts to their final destination on time and in prime condition.


You know the deal by now – First Call can handle all pharmaceutical needs safely and securely, with clear load visibility from pickup to delivery.

Why Our Partners Choose First Call

Simplify your Next Shipment with First Call Logistics

Building and managing cost-efficient supply chains is a full-time job. First Call’s rare combination of in-house assets, expert problem-solving and track record of stellar customer service makes us the 3PL of choice for business partners with a wide range of shipping needs.

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