Cross-Border Freight Shipping Services

Business Knows No Borders



When it comes to dealing with customs, you’ll want an expert by your side to avoid headaches and delays. First Call’s track record of efficient, effective cross-border shipping makes our team a natural choice for partners in need of international shipping services.

Bilingual Border Crossing Experts

Our team is highly experienced in bringing freight across borders in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, following all necessary procedures to ensure quick, legal and smooth customs clearance.

Customized Experience

We’ll work with you to create a custom border-crossing plan to ensure your freight reaches its end destination.

Relationship-Based Approach

We want to be your North American shipping partner for years to come, so we invest in proactive communication, value-forward pricing and good old fashioned honest business practices.

Need to Get it There Fast?

We offer both standard and expedited shipping across North American borders. Part of our customized intake plan is choosing the right method for your needs to ensure an on-time delivery and a low price.

Ready to Ship Internationally?

You’ll want to have your paperwork in order, including:

  • A Commercial Invoice
  • Your Export Packing List
  • The Certificate of Origin for your goods

Questions about getting your freight over the border? We’ll guide you through every step of the process.

More Resources on Cross-Border Shipping:

Shipping Puzzle? We’ll solve it.

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