First Call Logistics takes pride in treating our carriers the best in the industry.  We know our growing carrier network is the backbone of our company and we strive to provide all the tools needed for a seamless experience.

Leading technology coupled with best practices allows us to clean up the everyday hassles of wrong appointments and bad information.  Join our team today and start receiving the customer service you deserve.

Benefits of working with First Call Logistics:
  • Customer Service – We are all about relationships. You are not just a driver on a load to us. We strive to give you the best all-around experience in the industry.
  • GO! QuickPay – Get paid as fast as your business needs with our 2-day and 21-day options.
  • Dedicated and transactional lanes across the United States.
  • Top TMS system and industry partners to help you look for freight and update shipments.
  • Financial Stability – A part of the Horton Family of Companies.
  • Tell us your ideal lanes and we will get to work for you to match your needs with our shippers’ needs.

Ready to join our network of industry best carrier partners? Get started below.


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