Advancing technology is changing the supply chain industry with major innovations year over year.  First Call Logistics understands your supply chain can be intricate and every company can have unique needs.  As a supply chain partner, we constantly invest in our TMS to provide visibility and automation to drive continuous improvement. Our goal is to bring you efficiencies and cost savings during any market condition.
First Call Shipper

Have access to shipment information through the entire order life cycle.  Our customer portal gives you access 24/7/365 with access to quotes, tracking and tracing and accounts payable.

First Call Carrier

Have easy access to find freight through our online carrier portal.  Allows you to view your current load information and update throughout transit.  Upload documents for quicker payment and take advantage of GO! QuickPay.


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  • Semi truck preparing for Roadcheck 2021

Preparing for Roadcheck 2021

April 30th, 2021|

CVSA’s (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) International Roadcheck is an opportunity to educate the general public and industry as well as to raise awareness on the importance of vehicle safety. During the most extensive targeted [...]

Carrier Performance Metrics

April 1st, 2021|

What Metrics You Should Track to Improve Carrier Performance An effective way to measure your transportation operations performance (as well as the performance of your carriers) is by tracking the right metrics or KPIs [...]

  • Truck driver waiting at facility.

Importance of Limiting Driver Wait Times

March 15th, 2021|

Driver wait time or detention time is defined as the time a driver waits beyond what he or she anticipates needing to load/unload the freight. In the transportation industry, a rule of thumb typically included [...]