Expedited Freight Delivery

Mar 3, 2022

Few things carry the same importance in the realm of logistics as locating a trustworthy provider. When time-sensitive shipments can make or break a business relationship, you want a provider you can rely on to get the job done — even in less-than-optimal circumstances. We sat down with FCL’s expedited freight specialist, Eric Alexander, for his perspective on how to successfully vet an expedited shipping partner.

Getting to Know Eric, FCL’s Expedite Specialist

Initially referred to an entry-level role in the industry by a family member, Eric took his first job in logistics at just 19 years old.

“The first couple of months I was just washing trucks, transferring freight and painting walls, getting the new office ready,” Eric said. “I also drove the small 16-ft box truck sometimes. One day the phones were going nutty in the office, and I just picked it up not knowing what I was doing. I started asking the same questions I’d heard others asking, and not too long after that I started working full-time with customers, house drivers, and carriers. I’ve been working in logistics for more than 16 years now and couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

Eric’s years of industry experience have allowed him to refine the processes needed for successful expedited services. When e-commerce experienced a sudden pandemic-driven boom in 2020, companies distributing everything from COVID diagnostic materials to shopping bags were able to trust Eric’s expertise — and his extensive carrier network — to work around supply chain challenges and continue moving freight efficiently.

Choosing the Right Expedited Logistics Provider

Choosing the right partner to ship your time-sensitive freight impacts your entire business. A vendor who thoroughly understands your needs and has the team, technology, and capabilities to create a customized logistics plan is an invaluable asset to your operation, but finding a trustworthy partner who can handle the pressure of time-sensitive isn’t always a simple task. A long track record of success in this arena has earned Eric and the FCL team a reputation for successful expedited services.

“Motivation, patience, and communication skills are strong tools to have in this fast-paced industry,” Eric said. “Problem-solving is another day-to-day task, knowing how to handle situations and keeping everything organized.”

What Customer Service Means in Expedited Delivery

When building trust with your expedited vendor, communication is paramount. A dedicated partner will communicate clearly throughout the entire shipping process to ensure absolute transparency from start to finish — even when challenges arise.

The challenges of expedited delivery are difficult enough without the added twists and hassles brought on by lack of communication. Trust in his carrier network and the relationships he’s formed allows Eric an honest line of communication with each of his partners regardless of circumstances.

“My carriers are my customers. They face challenges every day in getting our freight delivered quickly and safely. I will always fight for my drivers who deserve more, and I will also let them know when they are providing unacceptable service.”

Common Misconceptions in Expedited Shipping

Years of working with carriers of all sizes has given Eric insight into some of the frequent misconceptions within the industry — including the quality of service the right carrier can provide, even if they’re a small operation.

“There are some carriers I’ve worked with for years now, and honestly I’ve started to lean away from some because they think they’ve gotten too big to play by the rules. Where some of these smaller, growing carriers operating with one or two trucks are willing to provide great customer service to earn the opportunity to work. They’re some of the best carriers I have — they want to show they can compete with the big boys.”

Contact FCL for Your Expedited Shipping Needs

There is no substitute for experience in the field of logistics. The sheer number of moving parts needed to work in concert in order to bring together a successful delivery is a specialty of FCL team members like Eric. The right provider can transform your business and offer a reliable method of expediting your shipments whenever you need.

The 3PL You’ve Been Looking For

Building and managing cost-efficient supply chains is a full-time job. First Call’s rare combination of in-house assets, expert problem-solving and track record of stellar customer service makes us the 3PL of choice for carrier partners looking to make the most of their miles.

“First Call always paid on time and would get me back-hauls whenever possible which was great.”

– Wayne, Carrier

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