Q&A With Atlanta General Manager, Doug Morrow

Nov 29, 2022

We recently caught up with First Call’s Doug Morrow for the latest on the new Atlanta office, the advantages of joining a growing team and keys to succeeding in logistics.

So Doug, how did you get started in the logistics industry?

My first job out of college was with a 3PL in 2011. I was hired as a National Account Manager at Coyote Logistics in Chicago, IL.

And which roles have you worked in throughout your career?

Carrier sales, training, carrier leadership, pricing, commercial sales leadership and branch general manager – I’ve worked hard throughout my career for exposure to a variety of industry verticals. If I had a niche, I’d say it’s in the commercial space with food & beverage, packaging materials and produce shippers.

Your team recently moved into a permanent location in Atlanta – what are your plans for the Atlanta office in the coming year?

GROWTH! The exciting piece for me with the Atlanta expansion is we’ve been in a temporary space for the past year while searching for our new home. We’re now located in Sandy Springs, a vibrant, business-forward space in the city. We are really excited about growing our sales team – the office is about 5,000 square feet, with 40 desks in there we expect to fill by 2023.

What makes someone a good fit for First Call?

Experience in a variety of roles, and knowledge on most all modes and aspects of the industry. Also being a proven leader of people, teams and departments. I’d like to find experienced people who are ready to come in and grow their careers. I think the most exciting piece of First Call is our size and scaling ability – with growth comes a lot of opportunity within our teams.

Will the Atlanta office specialize in any specific niche?

We’re going to be strong in the produce space which is great, but it won’t be our sole focus. With the new people we’re bringing in, I wouldn’t be surprised by a significant expansion to our various sales verticals.

Are there any misconceptions you wish customers/carriers knew about how logistics services work?

The idea that brokers/3PLs are not good partners. There are a variety of views and opinions out there regarding brokers – some may even be true by those who do not run their business with integrity. We aim to be a true partner and maintain total transparency with our customers in all aspects of business we do together.

What do you value most about your career? Why should someone work at First Call?

I value my reputation and the reputation of the company I work for. First Call is a place doing things the right way, not over-extending or over-promising to customers and carriers, always being transparent in all of our partnerships while growing responsibly with those partners.

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