Careers in Logistics: Q&A with First Call’s HR Director Josh Smith

Feb 9, 2023

In our latest First Call Q&A, we spent some time with Director of HR and Recruitment Josh Smith for his take on the human side of logistics. Here’s more on how Smith found his way to us, the challenges he’s faced as an HR professional and how his personal touch guides FCL’s company culture.

So Josh, where did your career in human resources begin?

I received my HR degree from Ball State University in 2003. Since then I’ve held several positions with different companies utilizing my HR and recruitment skills.

Tell us a bit about finding your way to First Call.

I would say First Call found me more than I found my way to First Call. Chris and Kyle Bland are the co-CEOs of First Call Logistics and I have known the Bland brothers for many years. Chris called me up one day just to catch up as we hadn’t spoken in awhile. He was talking to me about the company he and his brother were running and the success they were having over the last few years.

Chris told me they were in need of someone to take over HR duties for the company, and before the call was over he’d offered me the position. While my day had not begun with the pursuit of a different career, I gladly accepted and have never had any regrets!

Have you found yourself specializing in a certain niche?

Before coming to the transportation industry, I worked in retail my whole career. My niche is people. I love to hire, coach, teach, train and overall watch others succeed. If you treat those around you the way you want to be treated, you’re going to succeed in any career.

What are some specific challenges you’ve been able to assist with at First Call?

When I joined First Call I was the first HR team member in this growing company. Some challenges I’ve been able to assist with are taking the onboarding process to an all-digital format, taking insurance enrollments and IRA setup digital, streamlining the recruiting and onboarding processes and creating an employee feedback system.

As the only HR person in a growing company I wear many hats, but love the challenges and opportunities to help define what the future of the company will look like.

What characteristics should someone possess to be successful in a role like yours?

In this role you have to genuinely care for others. In recruiting, you have to take real interest in potential team members as well as the company. You want those making a decision to leave another career to join your team to be better off with your organization. In my role I try to find the best talent and then ensure they are set up for success once they come on board. Attention to detail is important in this role as every part of the onboarding, training, and development of the team members are crucial for success to both the team and the company.

Another key part of the job is seeing to it that all team members are taken care of once they come onboard, and ensuring everyone is aware of benefits and resources available to them so they can take full advantage of them. I try to get a pulse on the engagement of the company and make recommendations and changes when needed to make First Call a great place for people and careers to grow.

What do you value most about your career? Why should someone work at First Call?

The main thing is that I feel valued and appreciated for the work I do. After feeling like I had hit a ceiling with my past employer, First Call offered me a chance to continue to grow my career and help lead this company to future success. First Call is an innovative company that has a bright future. The growth of the company over the last few years and the future outlook is something to take note of and to be excited about. The senior leadership in this company are exceptional leaders as well as being down to earth, genuine people. They want their teams to enjoy working at First Call and maintain an atmosphere that is open, inclusive and fun to work in.

The future of First Call is a bright one and I can’t wait to see the growth and success over the next several years.

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