MLB Truck Day: The Logistics of Moving 20,000 Baseballs

Feb 3, 2023

Mere hours pass after the Super Bowl before the next big event on every true sports junkie’s calendar begins to take shape. Major League Baseball’s spring training, a 137-year-old tradition intertwined with the sport’s earliest beginnings, sees 30 ball clubs make an annual pilgrimage south to the forgiving February weather of Florida (the Grapefruit League) and Arizona (the aptly-named Cactus League).

Spring training is a player’s chance to warm up (in every sense of the word) for a lengthy 6-month,162-game regular season, set to begin this year on March 30th. The annual ramp-up period has also given rise to one of the logistics industry’s rare days in the spotlight — An event known simply as Truck Day.

What Is Truck Day?

Like virtually every major industry, Major League Baseball relies on a complex shipping network carefully operating behind the scenes to present consumers with the best possible product. Being a professional sports league (and carrying the distinction of being among North America’s “Big Four” top earners alongside the NHL, NBA and NFL), that means securely transporting team equipment — on time and without fail — to every one of the league’s 2,430 annual regular season games.

And while equipment transport doesn’t generally make for splashy headlines during the season, Truck Day highlights both the integral role truckers perform in our everyday access to entertainment and the staggering volume of equipment needed to fuel professional baseball’s day-to-day activities.

It’s a bit of a PR stunt to be sure, but this first tangible signal of the season’s approach has endeared itself to fans regardless.

So, What’s in the Truck?

Let’s start with baseballs. There are a lot of them. The Red Sox report shipping 20,400 pearly white, game-ready balls to Ft. Meyers every year – and that’s just for the preseason.

Then there are bats, customized to every player’s preferred specifications and shipped en masse at more than 1,000 per team.

And then of course there’s gloves, and batting helmets, and jerseys both for practices and game days. There are weird mechanical contraptions used to stretch new hats, and multiple crates of laundry detergent, and what one manager estimates to be roughly 20 different types of socks. There are more cases of chewing gum and sunflower seeds than any reasonable human could’ve guessed.

All this and more is crammed into each team’s 53-foot truck and delivered to sunnier climes, all in preparation for opening day.

Why We Love Truck Day

For baseball diehards, seeing off a fresh load of unsullied leather and bats fresh from the factory may as well mark the true meaning of spring. For those of us working careers in logistics, it’s a time to showcase just how much of our daily lives hinge on successful supply chain management.

It can be easy for things like route planning, warehouse management and secure packaging processes to become stale or abstract when removed from practical real-world applications — Truck Day is a light-hearted reminder that precision logistics is a big job that keeps the world around us running on time.

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