Flexible Warehousing Solutions & Value-Added Services

Whether you’re looking to secure short-term storage for peak season or simply need to source space for buffer stock, we’ve got your warehousing, inventory management, and distribution needs covered. First Call now offers secured, shared warehousing space, pallet restacking, and cross-docking services through our growing B2B warehousing network. Our facilities are strategically located in Indianapolis, Louisville, Baltimore, and Irving, Texas.

Indianapolis, IN
Louisville, KY
Baltimore, MD
Irving, TX
Atlanta, GA (coming soon)

When pallets have shifted or fallen during transit, restacking services are needed in order to avoid product rejections, allow for products to be unloaded safely, and keep deliveries on time. First Call’s no-hassle pallet restacking services are offered at all warehousing locations. Our team of experienced material handlers will work quickly and efficiently to manage all rework services to get you back on the road.

First Call’s cross-docking services are designed to accommodate the shortest of needs. Our team of experienced material handlers will efficiently manage the process to keep your product safe and delivery schedule on time.

First Call Logistics has dedicated, multi-modal capacity to handle all your final mile needs.

Extensive Multi-Modal Network

Whether you need a partial shipment expedited or oversized product carefully transported, First Call’s extensive carrier network allows our team to provide customized, flexible solutions around the clock.

Extensive Multi-Modal Network
Responsive Support 24/7/365

Responsive Support 24/7/365

From pickup to delivery, communication is critical. First Call customers get a dedicated specialist who works to ensure every detail of your business is taken care of 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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